Video Meditation, Part 2

“Where are we, Professor Quiggly?” asks the little frog learning his letters.
“Tad, this is the ‘O’ room, and I would advise that you duck.”
“Duck? Why?”
The professor yanks Tad down into the underbrush just as a capital letter ‘O’ comes swinging over their heads on a vine with a loud Tarzan yell, “Oooooooooooooooooo!” That letter is quickly followed by a group of lower case ‘o’s each swinging on their own vines and repeating their instructor’s sound, “Oooooooooo!”
This is another segment of a video Zach likes to have me repeat. But now he even shuts off the video and has me do it a cappella. He touches my mouth like he’s pushing the “play” button and I recite the script. His eyes intently study the movement of my mouth and his face lights into a big smile as I reach the Tarzan yell. Then he hits “play” again and we repeat. I can see his mind working hard to grasp how my tongue and lips form the words. I know he is moving closer to making those words himself.
The Bible speaks of the righteous person in Psalm 1:2 (NIV), “But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.”
Zach truly delights in his videos the way the Psalm writer says the righteous person will delight in God’s Word. Since he was a baby my wife has commented on how Zach smiles with his whole body. He still does and it is often his favorite video scenes that evoke his exuberance.
Again I am challenged by my son’s intensity. The truly righteous will react to the Scriptures just like Zach. He will repeatedly focus on it and draw enormous pleasure from it. I want to experience Zach’s level of sheer joy.
Why would the Bible inspire such a response? It won’t as long as I consider it just words on a page. But if I realize that it is as if I am looking into the face of God and watching him speak these words just to me, then I will be filled with joy knowing the Lord and Creator of the universe loves me. This is meditating on the Scriptures, not a cold, rote exercise, but a child’s joyful concentration on his Father’s words.